The 5 Most Influential Non-Profits That You’ve Never Heard Of

Non-profits carry massive influence, especially because of the amount of government lobbying they do to push their agendas. We’ve picked out some of the non-profit organizations that fly under the radar but wield great power and control an insane amount of assets.

  1. Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

    This influential non-profit coordinates and handles the work of more than 200 civil rights organizations across the USA. It does the work of organizing conferences, making sure bills related to affirmative action and civil rights get passed, and “protecting and promoting the civil and human rights of all the people in the United States of America”, according to its website.

    As influential non-profits go, this is right up there with the most influential groups in the USA, but has a lower profile than such groups as the NAACP and the ACLU because it tends to handle most of the background work.

  2. Association of Fundraising Professionals

    All non-profits need funds, and this is where they get them. This is one of the most influential non-profits around because it handles the purse-strings. The are a group of professionals responsible for generating donations and philanthropic support for a wide range of other non-profits.

  3. W. K. Kellogg Foundation

    With a string of achievements to its name, the latest work of this influential non-profit involves a new method of organizing other non-profits. integrating their members into teams for handling specific situations while leaving their essential structures intact. They mostly lend their support to community based organizations where children faces the toughest challenges such as education (or lack their of) and violence.

  4. Doctors Without Borders

    Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian group who specializes in responding to areas with medical disaster zones such as Haiti after the earthquake.

    Doctors without Borders is completely government independent and is kept afloat by private donations. In 2008 the group had 3.7 million individual private donations.

  5. The IRS Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division

    This one may have caught you by surprise. There job is to make sure that all non-profits and charitable institutions actually are what they claim to be, while at the same time helping other non-profits navigate the tax landscape. Here is why they made this list: they also control $8.7 trillion dollars in assets. Therefore in the process of making sure that the Internal Revenue Service automatically becomes a major player in the non-profit sector. Something you find ironic is one of their missions is to “Enable a Paperless Environment”

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