20 Interesting Social Workers Worth Following on Twitter

Twitter began as a great way to keep up with your friends. And, it’s still a great vehicle for that sort of communication. But, Twitter is also turning into a great way to keep up with your professional life. You can get news and information about your profession and keep up with others in your field. Take a look at these twenty social workers on Twitter. They’re worth following if you’re a social worker, or interested in the social work field.

  1. JenMSW: Jen is an MSW in Florida. She tweets inspirational information regularly.
  2. Mental Health: This tweeter is a social worker from northern England who posts regular news snippets from the world of mental health.
  3. Rachel Gross: Rachel Gross is a Washington DC based social worker who posts lots of information on topics related to social work.
  4. Amy: Amy is a Social Worker in Oregon who also blogs on a regular basis.
  5. Isocial Worker: iSocial Worker is a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of social work.
  6. Be a Social Worker: This Twitter site seeks to recruit new people to the profession of social work. It’s also a great way to keep abreast of things going on in the world of social work.
  7. Social Worker Fun: This site is dedicated to promoting social gatherings for social workers. Advertise your event here, or find events to attend.
  8. Free a Servant: A social worker tweets about financial distress and the low wages of the profession.
  9. Crazy World of Social Work: This social worker works in the family court system. He tweets about the adventures, good and bad, of his job protecting kids and working with families in trouble.
  10. Cyber Social Work: This Twitter account follows social work information online and through a related blog. There are great links to articles about topics of interest to social work.
  11. Social Work Diary: Follow this social worker through daily adventures and stories.
  12. Get Social Work Jobs: Looking for work? This Twitter page keeps up with job openings in the social work field. Social work is very hot right now, and there are typically lots of job openings. Keeping up with the current openings in a quick and easy fashion can help you land the perfect job.
  13. Social Work News: All the news Social workers need about their profession. On this Twitter page, you’ll find information about changes in laws that affect social workers as well as job openings and other useful information about your field.
  14. Reclaim Social Work: Social Work Children’s Services agency offers information about job openings and professional news in social work.
  15. Team Social Work: Team Social Work is an online community for volunteers and social workers. You’ll find lots of useful information and people to network with by following this Twitter page.
  16. Social Worker Study Guide: This Twitter account offers help with studying for your certification in social work.
  17. Care Advisor: These tweets come from an independent social care advice organization in London. They specialize in working with children.
  18. Social Worker UK: Follow the adventures of this UK social worker.
  19. Social Worker Mom: This social worker specializes in working with children who have had a traumatic brain injury.She’s also a mom herself, so she offers lots of insight into interacting with children on both a personal and professional level.
  20. Secret Social Worker: This social worker works with families in crisis.

Social work is an in-demand, ever changing field today. There are lots of new information available and lots of job opportunities as well. Using the resources you can find on Twitter and other places will help you to gain as much knowledge as possible about the field of social work, whether you’re just considering getting into it, or whether you already know that it is your professional passion.

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